Pedicure at Home


Manicure and pedicure both can be done at home easily without spending any money.We can easily do it in home.Here in this process It is very important to trim and shape your nails in an adequate way so that the nails do not come in the process of pedicure. It is important to cut the nails short and straight. There may be problems if you concentrate cutting the corners too much. If you want to give your nails desired shape, it will be important to use the nail board.

You can also soak your nails and then cut it so that the nails becomes soft and easily accessible.The Another important step in the process of pedicure is soaking your feet.We can easily do it by following steps .For this you have to take a tumbler with some lukewarm water and salt dipped in it.Now soak your feet for around 5 to 10 minutes. You will get relaxation once you have come back from a stressful schedule. This will also help reduce inflammation. You can also soak your feet in fresh lemon juice. You can also get the foot wash available at your home. If you don’t have foot wash, you can use the hand wash as well.we can watch natural tips in video.


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