Hamsa vaidyar


Vydiar Hamza know us ustad was a famous traditional herbal medical practitioner in Kerala.He is one of the good herbal practitioner in Kerala India.Most of the wounds which is non curable by allopathy will treat by him.Its almost done by medicinal plants which is grown near by us.He conducts various class and seminars to aware about various disease and its treatment.

In his yard, he personally takes care of 1424 varieties of medicinal plants. He distributes saplings of medicinal plants for free, aimed at conserving them for next generation. So far he has distributed around 4 million plants.Swarnapullu is a magical plant known only to our ancient Indian sages and is considered to be extinct was found again by Usthad with the help of his father who is also pioneer with plants who has the knowledge of more than 3000 medicinal plant species

He runs an institution named Oushada Sasya Padana Bala Sabha at Kannukkara of Vadakara, Kozhikode district to conduct free classes and by far he has conducted more than thousand classes.Usthad has initiated growing patches of sacred medicinal plant groves in various temples in Kerala . This was inaugurated by Hon. Minister K.P Mohanan at the Nadapuram Avolam MahaVishnu Temple. In memory of his beloved mother he made a medicinal pant garden surrounding his mothers final resting place of his back yard and named it Umma Vanam .

He is also a great human being who is concerned with helping individuals , families , groups and communities to enhance their well being.Usthad takes care of 18 abandoned and elderly mothers and 72 orphans . He has special interest in taking care of those poor people wander in streets and he provides food and is known as Athazhapunyam


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