Formalin Free Fish


1. Make sure you open the gills to check for it’s freshness. If it’s looking greyish or dark, it’s not fresh , been a while. If it’s looking reddish, it’s good.
2. The fish should not have a false smell, if it does, drop it.
3. Examine the eyes and body for freshness.
4. Avoid the Frozen fish or ask to defrost so you can check 1-3

Once you learn a few simple tips about how to shore fish, you can find the shoreline of a local pond, river, lake or coastline and start catching fish. The main advantage of fishing from shore is that almost everyone has access to a spot that’s close to home. Whether you are with family or friends, shore fishing is a great way for anglers of all skill levels to enjoy a day of fishing together.
Both freshwater and saltwater fish species can be caught from shoreline spots.

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