Built your Home


When choosing what builders to work with, it will be one of the most significant choices you are going to make in your construction project.You need to consider their credentials, past work examples, style, their past customers, character and their dependability.Whether you’re just starting building your own home, you plan a renovation, it doesn’t really matter because in interior design there’s always something you can add or something you can modify to make things better.

The toilet is an important component of a home and as such should be built keeping Vaastu tips in mind. Here is what Vaastu says about your toilet or bathroom.Keep your energy bills can be a challenge, especially in the winter / summer months.
However, there are many things you can do to make your home more energy efficient, reduce costs and help the environment in the process.Some of these tips require initial capital, but reducing your energy bills will more than make up for it in the future.

4 tips to reduce your home loan interest Normally home loans are large in size and consequently the interest payable on these is large for the person taking the loan. in the normal course, home loan rates are not reduced by banks/HFCs for existing home loan borrowers in proportion to what is offered to new borrowers. “However, you can switch your balance loan to another lender (bank or HFC) that is willing to offer a lower interest rate. To switch your balance loan to another lender you, will have to pay a nominal conversion fee to the existing lender. Hence, you need to keep in mind the transaction cost which will be incurred while making a balance transfer to other banks/HFCs,” he said.Here are four ways a home loan borrower can reduce interest payment on his/her home loan.1. Switch home loan to MCLR (marginal cost of funds-based lending rate) regime To reduce the interest rate on your home loan, you can opt for MCLR regime.


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