Astrology Truths


According to astronomy, when you wish upon a star, you’re actually a few million years late. That star is dead. Just like your dreams. Born June 5th the rules of zodiacal astrology Sign of Gemini, come under the vibration of Mercury in its own house. The basic foundation of your character and disposition is described in the preceding pages. In your special case, because of the planet of Mercury being in its own house forming in this month “a double Mercury” it accentuate the Mercurial influence in your birth date is on the above dates. Your brain will be extremely active, remorseful, quick in thought and action especially in the way you will resent plodding and monotonous work.

You will be a speculative turn of mind, inclined to take risks on the stock exchange or any business that promises immediate turn over of money. At times you will have great success ,followed by many reverses of Fortune . You should in consequence, endeavour to put money aside for k bad periods which must eventually come unless you were born in to wealth and property controlled by others. You will be extremely restless, continually making homes but not a moments notice to leave wherever you are and prone to take the speediest means to get in to your destination. Travel by air, express trains and rapid motor car will be part of your existence. You will be ready at any moment to risk your life for speed.

You will have many hair breadth escapes ,but as a general rule you will be lucky in such things. People will not interest you for very long. You will be exceptionally generous in your impulses, but ‘out of sight’ ,out of mind” will be one of your main characteristics. Your nature will be dual or two sided, nearly always engaged in two or more things. You will be inclined to love two persons at the same time, and not be able to decide which one you desire the most. You are likely to some part of your life to keep up two homes, and make two marriages. Adam Smith political economist born June 5th.


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