Acne Natural Treatments in Home


Treatment For Acne

Acne can certainly be a major problem in itself but when left with permanent acne scars it can lead to totally misery for many people. There are certain treatments that can help, which we’ll go into further down this page but first, let’s take a look at how acne and acne scars develop in the first place.

Acne is caused when there is a build up of bacteria underneath the skin’s surface. Normally it will secrete itself out of our skin in a natural way but when the pores get clogged up with excess oil and dead skin cells the bacteria has nowhere else to go. So it starts to breed and develop and eventually this is when the acne is created.

The most effective treatments for acne will not just kill off the bacteria but they will also try and heal the skin that has been damaged. If the skin doesn’t repair itself correctly then acne scars can be left and can be very difficult to remove. These lesions can be treated by acne scar treatments but they can take a while to reduce the redness and marks left on your skin.

If these marks remain for more than a year, then they are classed as permanent acne scars and these can only be removed with laser treatment. This is when the surface of the affected area will be removed by the use of a laser and then you skin can grow back naturally. This type of treatment doesn’t come cheap but it is very effective at reducing the appearance of acne scars.

So the effective treatment for acne scarring should start right at the beginning when you should try and prevent acne from forming in the first place. Taking care of your skin by using mild skin care products and having a well balanced diet are just two ways you can prevent the acne from occurring.


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